We can provide professional assitance to apply national and international funds for R&D project
Here is some of our R&D projects

  • Use of microsatellites for genetic variation and MOET in Damascus flocks for establishing nuclei elite flock

  • Production of Nutraceutical Taurine Enriched Goat Milk Via Feeding Dairy Goats With Rumen Protected Amino Acids

  • Functional Goat Milk Production with Breeding Model to Increase CLA contect of Goat Milk

  • Integrating Sexed Offspring Technologies in Sheep and Goat Enterprise

  • Evaluation of different breed of terminal sires in producing commercial lambs from F1 prolific dam lines

  • Controlling Reproduction in sheep and goats by using new generation exogenous hormones

  • Evaluations of effectiveness of Charollais and Suffolk breeds in terminal crossbreeding

  • Establising nuclei flock of terminal sires via embryo transfer and commercial lamb production with terminal crossbreeding

  • Breeding strategies to increase litter size in local breed of sheep by using Romanov breed