• Embryo transfer is the procedure in which a number of embryos (fertilized eggs) are removed from one high-value female (the embryo donor) and transferred into many less-valuable females (the embryo recipients).
  • The recipients complete the pregnancies and raise the offspring of the valuable donor. The donor will return to normal estrus (during the breeding season) and will rebreed, or can be used again to produce embryos in about 6 weeks.
  • How many embryos could be produced per ewe/doe?
    On average, about 7-10 embryos are collected per superovulated flush during the breeding season. We can flush donor ewe/doe 3-4 times in a season. Therefore, 20 to 40 embryos can be produced per ewe/doe in a season.
  • Our team conducted embryo transfers withover 2000 emrbyos since 2005. These are from both commercial and scientific embryo transfer programmes that have been conducted in the Turkey.
  Artificial Insemination (AI)
  Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET)
  Semen and Embryo Technologies ( e.g Freezing )
  Genetic Import / Exports (semen, embryos , livestock )
  Training Programs in the Assited Reproductive Technologies