• The goal of any AI program is to create improved offspring, and the achievement of this objective will depend on the breeding value of the ram/buck and ewe /does selected.

  • Laparoscopic AI is being utilized in the small ruminant industry to extend the use of superior males, and it offers the producer the opportunity to maximize the reproductive potential of superior females

  • Rapid genetic trait infusion of known superior stud rams and bucks into the flock is the primary economic benefit of laparoscopic AI.

  • The success of laparoscopic AI depends on events and factors that interrelate in a complex way. Once the selection and preparation of the ewe/does have been accomplished, one of the more important steps in the program is the successful synchronization of the ewe/does to deliver the necessary ova to the site of fertilization at a specific time.
  Artificial Insemination (AI)
  Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET)
  Semen and Embryo Technologies ( e.g . Freezing )
  Genetic Import / Exports (semen, embryos , livestock )
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